Training and support for InSHAPE® program implementations.

Consulting on social inclusion and community engagement strategies.


Exploring the InSHAPE Program  
InSHAPE can be a powerful health improvement tool for agencies and others who are working with people experiencing mental illness, but it’s not the best tool for everyone. Ken provides complimentary phone consultations to help professionals considering the InSHAPE program determine if and when the fit is right.

InSHAPE Training & Licensing
More than a program, InSHAPE is an evidence-based practice that operationalizes the Recovery Philosophy and advances social inclusion and community engagement. Ken and the team of accomplished associates provide a comprehensive expertise in mental health, research, nutrition, fitness, community engagement, and sustainability. Together, they help each organization adopt InSHAPE and make it their own.

InSHAPE Community & Coaching
Once established, InSHAPE program managers and health mentors are faced with new opportunities and challenges. Responding to waiting lists of participants who want in the program, maintaining financial sustainability, engaging new partners, and preserving the integrity of the model are just some of the topics addressed through coaching engagements and participation in calls with others in the InSHAPE community. 

Other Consulting & Program Development Services

The principles of the Recovery Philosophy, social inclusion, and community engagement are compelling, but operationalizing them can be challenging. Ken provides experience, expertise, and objective insights to others who share his passion to move beyond the status quo.