YMCA is a valued partner to InSHAPE® 

Austin Travis County Integral Care has produced an inspiring video highlighting the benefits of their InSHAPE partnerships with local YMCAs.


Click image to view video – YMCA and InSHAPE partnership


“This is what I’ve always wanted to do, but I haven’t been able to afford it,” says Joan Whipple, InSHAPE participant. “I’m so glad the YMCA has given this chance to use this program and make some action and make something happen in my life about losing weight and getting stronger…it’s really important to me.”

“Together (with the YMCA branches) we are reaching a group of individuals that have really never had this kind of opportunity in the past, says Teresa Williams, Practice Manager for Chronic Disease Management at Integral Care. “They’ve never had the guidance, the support to work on their health at this level…for some it is the first time they’ve felt like they’ve been part of this community, or any community for that matter.”

“I think its fair to say that a program like InSHAPE is one of the most effective interventions for people with mental health issues,” says Matthew Rich, InSHAPE Quality Management Specialist. “I’ve never seen so many people with serious mental health issues become so quickly motivated and see such drastic changes in the way they feel about themselves and in the way they feel overall.”