Program Managers

Gym Memberships

  • What are the ways that participant fees for gym memberships can be covered?
  • Should participants be required to pay?
  • What happens when participants graduate from InSHAPE?

inSHAPEMaking gym memberships affordable and accessible to InSHAPE participants and alumni is an important priority for InSHAPE Program Managers. I know it can be a real challenge. Here are few recommendations:

  1. Participant co-pay. I encourage you all to consider the efficiacy of having participants pay a token amount for their gym membership. A modest co-pay (no less than $5 to 10 per month) creates a sense of personal investment and many observe that participants show-up more consistently when they are making a personal contribution to the fee.
  2. Multiple gyms. It’s generally a good idea to have a partnership with more than one gym. Smaller gyms offer a different atmosphere and can be more affordable. Consider privately owned facilities, hotels, and other types of fitness facilities.
  3. Swimming pool. Water exercise is very effective and popular with older participants and those with injuries. If you don’t have a partner offering access to a swimming pool, find one that does.
  4. Access for alumni. I know that keeping memberships accessible to program graduates can be difficult. It does offer an appealing opportunity for donors and a meaningful for way for them to support the program. It’s important, though, to coordiate with your agency’s development and donor relations staff.

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